Book about early railways, tramways and roads of  eastern Ontario.
Inside cover showing the K&P Railway at Clarendon station.
K&P Railway over the Madawaska River at Calabogie.
Bay of Quinte Railway station at Beaver Lake.
Men build the Canadian Northern Railway at Chaffey's Locks.
The K&P shunting engine used to build the railway in 1872.
A shunting engine for logging in Algonquin Provincial Park, built in Montreal in 1910.
The Grand Trunk Railway ran along Lake Ontario here from 1856 to 1903.
One of the oldest railway spikes, bolt and rails in Canada
A collection of earliest railway spikes in Ontario.
Shipping in Bath Ontario,  in 1812.
Tall ships in Brockville.
Historic canoe routes in eastern Ontario are examined.

The First Spike

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This  book covers the building of half a dozen railways around Kingston Ontario and  the impact on local mines and logging industries.  Nine tramways were studied along with the early roads, canals, logging and native canoe routes.  It is a photographic tour of what was there 150 years ago, and today.  It is  a tour guide for weekend explorers.   Considerable archaeology was required to write this original book.

This book was printed by Friesens Press on top quality paper, and a glossy hard cover. There are 232 pages with over 450 quality colour photographs, dozens of maps.